Manuel Machado

Manuel Machado
Senior Installer
15 Years of Industry Experience
13 Years with Artistic

Want Full Size Pavers installed on your driveway or entryway? Are you concerned about the weight and traffic they will need to stand up against? Then you need Manuel Machado working on your project.  With over 15 years of paver installation experience Manuel knows how to install full size pavers so they look as good tomorrow and next year as they do today. Full Size Pavers used in residential and commercial applications provide beauty, enhancement, color and most certainly complement landscaped gardens and the surrounding property.

Contact us to make an appointment and we will provide you with a detailed proposal and Manuel or one of our other Senior Installers will be on site making sure your Full Size Paver installation is done right.

Please visit the Full Size Paver page and gallery to read about and view some of the paver installations Manuel has done over the years.