Advantages of Pavers


Pavers are stronger than poured concrete and more durable than asphalt. With minimal maintenance, pavers will last for generations and prove to be a wise investment.

Aesthetic Value

The beauty of pavers adds value and curb appeal to any property, and there is sure to be a color and pattern that is perfect for every home.

Safety Features

Pavers have a non-skid surface that is safe, even when wet.

No Surface Cracking

Pavers are segmented paving systems which allow for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks. Pavers can be removed and replaced with ease to allow access to existing utilities.

The Advantages of Pavers in the Environment

They are made of local natural aggregate with no petroleum-based products. Water will minimally percolate through any paver, and new PERMEABLE PAVER INSTALLATIONS will fully percolate allowing you to be an Eco-friendly Florida homeowner. As of February, 2010, Artistic is the ONLY paver installer in Central Florida that is CERTIFIED BY ICPI to install permeable pavers.