Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makover

A Very Special Project – Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme MakoverArtistic Pavers and Surfaces is honored to have worked with WCI Communities on a recent ABC TV Extreme Makeover Home Edition project. ABC TV and WCI challenged Artistic, and all other participating trades, to tear down the remaining shell of a house (that had been destroyed in a fire) and build a beautiful new home within one week! Needless to say, the scheduling was very tight and extremely precise- everything had to be done in proper sequence. If one trade fell behind, that could affect several other trades and the one week (Sunday to Sunday) deadline could be missed. Artistic was asked to install a 1200 sq ft driveway and a 200 sq ft entry- and were given only ten hours to accomplish the project!

Scheduled to start at 5 PM on Friday (and finish by 3 AM on Saturday), due to delays that had built up over the week, Artistic actually started at 11 PM Friday night. With the efforts of a well coordinated twenty man crew, we succeeded in installing a 1200 sq ft driveway and 200 sq ft entry in less than six hours, finishing at 5 AM!

Though exhausted, everyone who participated in the project left with the satisfaction that comes with helping others who were less fortunate. Visit the WCI Communities web site to read the entire story and view more photos of how a community came together to restore the hopes and dreams of the Tate family.